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Estimating the Spatial Variation of Electricity Consumption Anomalies and the Influencing Factors

Effective detection of abnormal electricity users and analysis of the spatial distribution and influencing factors of abnormal electricity consumption in urban areas have positive effects on the quality of electricity consumption by customers,safe operation of power grids,and sustainable development of cities. However,current abnormal electricity consumption detection models do not consider the time dependence of time-series data and rely on a large number of training samples,and no study has analyzed the spatial distribution and influencing factors of abnormal electricity consumption in urban areas. In this study,we use the Seasonal-Trend decomposition procedure based on Loess ( STL) based time series decomposition and outlier detection to detect abnormal electricity consumption in the central city of Pingxiang,and analyze the relationship between spatial variation and urban functions through Geodetector. The results show that the degree of abnormal electricity consumption in urban areas is related to geographic location and has spatial heterogeneity,and the abnormal electricity users are mainly located in areas with highly mixed residential,commercial and entertainment functions in the city. The results obtained from this study can provide a reference basis and a theoretical foundation for the detection of abnormal electricity consumption by users and the arming of electricity theft devices in the power grid.

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会议首页 https://www.ugiparis2022.org/fr/informationscientifique/1会议简介该会议由国际地理联盟(IGU),法国国家地理委员会,以及索邦大学共同举办。线下会议地点: Maison de l'Océan, 195 rue Saint-Jacque



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会议简介第九届犯罪地理与犯罪分析研讨会由广州大学主办,广州大学公共安全地理信息分析中心、广州大学地理科学与遥感学院承办,将于2022年7月9-10日在线上(腾讯会议)举行。热烈欢迎相关领域的专家、学者和企事业单位人员参加!会议时间:【北京时间】2022年7月9日 14:00-17:552022年7