The 30th International Conference on Geoinformatics in 2023

July 19-21, 2023, London UK

Conference Theme: Space-time AI and Urban Analytics



  • International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Sciences (CPGIS)
  • SpaceTimeLab, University College London
  • Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London

Local organization committee


  • Tao Cheng (UCL)
  • Huanfa Chen (UCL)


  • Chen Zhong (UCL)
  • Yi Gong (UCL)
  • Yijing Li (King’s College London)
  • Qunshan Zhao (University of Glasgow)
  • Ziqi Li (University of Glasgow)
  • Mingshu Wang (University of Glasgow)
  • Rui Zhu (Bristol University)
  • Qingling Wu (Oxford University)

Conference Topics

We welcome traditional topics in GIS Science and also encourage papers on new and emerging themes including but not limited to:

  • Space-time AI
  • Urban analytics
  • GeoAI
  • Environment GIS and application
  • Spatial Optimisation
  • Geospatial cloud computing
  • Geospatial data sharing and interoperability
  • Health GIS
  • Internet of Things for GIS
  • Remote sensing sciences and applications
  • Sensor network for GIS
  • Smart City
  • Spatial Social Science
  • Urban Informatics
  • Urban GIS and application
  • VGI and Crowdsourcing

Presentations are encouraged to address issues such as climate change, precision medicine, urban mobility, crime analysis, migration, disaster, and environmental sustainability. A wide range of disciplines related to Geographic Information Sciences are invited, including: Geography, Cognitive science, Computer science, Engineering, Information science, Social science, Urban Planning, and among others.

Important dates

  • Abstract due: 01 March, 2023 15 March, 2023
  • Full-length paper due: 01 March, 2023 15 March, 2023
  • Abstract acceptance notice: 31 March, 2023 15 April, 2023
  • Registration starts on: 01 February, 2023
  • Early Bird registration ends on: 1 May, 2023
  • Registration ends on: 01 June, 2023
  • Note: Participants need to book their own hotel rooms.

In addition, UCL SpaceTimeLab will hold the 10-year anniversary event on the afternoon of July 21 in the same venue. This event will consist of presentations and panel discussion. While the registration of this event is separate from the conference of Geoinformatics 2023, this event is free and open to all participants of Geoinformatics 2023.