The 29th International Conference on Geoinformatics in 2022 and the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of CPGIS

Address:Beijing, China


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jingming Chen (Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, University of Toronto), Keynote Title: Leaf chlorophyll content: a new remotely sensible parameter for terrestrial carbon cycle estimation.

Dr. Qiuming Cheng (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The China University of Geosciences,Beijing), Keynote Title: Deep-time Digital Earth and Co-evolution of Extreme Tectonics Events.

Dr. Peng Gong (Fellow of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member of Academia Europaea, The University of Hong Kong), Keynote Title: Global Land Cover Change Monitoring and Impact of Global Urbanization on Climate.

Dr. Michael F. Goodchild (Member of the American Academy of Sciences, University of California Santa Barbara) , Keynote Title: On Replicability Over the Globe.

Dr. Renzhong Guo (Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shenzhen University) , Keynote Title: Adapting Cartography to Emerging Applications in the Digital Society.

Dr. Nina Lam (Fellow of American Association of Geographers, Louisiana State University) , Keynote Title: How GIScience can Contribute to Disaster Resilience Analysis: The Development of the Resilience Inference Measurement (RIM) Model.

Dr. Paul Longley (Professor of Geographic Information Science, University College of London) , Keynote Title: Revesting people, places, and practice of geographic information science.

Dr. Mei-Po Kwan (Fellow of the British Academy of Social Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) , Keynote Title: Fundamental Concepts and Uncertainties in the Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Health Issues.

Dr. Junyi Zhang (Foreign Member of Japanese Academy of Engineering, Hiroshima University) , Keynote Title: Transportation Amid Pandemics: Lessons Learned from COVID-19.

Dr. Chenghu Zhou (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS)

Session Topics




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